Rotation program – a unique opportunity to develop insights of IT within auditing

Hi all,

My name is Michel Duljic and I am one of the seven newly hired at the Rotation Program. One of the many reasons I chose this program, was that it seemed like a unique opportunity to develop insights of the IT processes within the auditing profession. Even though my background is not closely related to IT as I studied an accounting master’s degree at Stockholm University, it did not prevent me from applying. Some of my tasks during the first two months in the rotation program has included data analytics of the general ledger, trial balances, salaries, inventories, trade receivables, trade payables and more are to come. The next step in the program for me is to get more familiar with auditing and delve deeper into data analytics.

Jonathan in 100% focus mode.

My name is Jonathan Grönberg and I am also one of the seven Rotation Program recruits as well as co-author of this blog post. I have a MSc in economics from Karlstad University and my inclination was towards finance. During my studies at Karlstad, some of my courses brought up data analytics and it was there the subject first caught my interest. Given my educational background and my own personal interests, the rotation program seemed like a good fit. I have been working mostly with data analytics during my first months at EY. However, in the past two weeks I have also been on my first audits. It has been a fun and varying experience with colleagues in different departments of the firm. We basically have three departments, the Nordic Analytics Data Delivery team (NADD), our respective audit departments and the Rotation Program.

The rotation program is currently running on its third consecutive year and we are soon entering our fourth year with the recruitment already in process. The growth of the program these first three years has been increasing, and there is no indication that the pace of the growth would start to level out any time soon. Because the demand for our data analytics is also increasing continuously.

From top left: Michel, Jonathan, Martin, Victor, Shuyi, Emily, Melisa.

The initial pace of the program is high, and the learning curve is steep, very steep to be honest. Initially we got to learn the data analytical side of the audit together with other recruits from all Nordic countries. Furthermore, we also learned how to set up the different analytical tools used in audits based on data from clients. Initially, it was tough to grasp the content, as someone whom before enrollment to the Rotation Program barely had written a single line of code. However, after a week of tough studies with great teachers I believe most of us started to feel more and more comfortable with the work (and understanding what was really going on). Once our studies with the NADD team was completed, we were straight off to audit studies in Stockholm and Toledo.

Our key takeaways from this experience of being educated within two different departments of the same firm, is how they are connected. Something we think is valuable with the program is to work with the whole data analytical process of an audit from the cradle to the grave. We believe this will give the “rotation programmers” an extra sought-after set of skills many would like to possess as auditors.

For these past two months since we started the rotation program, as we have briefly mentioned, we learned how to generate the different analytics used in audits. Meaning that we have been taught how to manage big data sets from clients using different softwares. In addition, we have attended some workshops within data analytics as well as auditing – for us to understand how these are related to one another. Indeed, this has been a great learning experience.

In conclusion our recommendation for you, the reader, whether you are interested in auditing, data or IT, is to apply. Since it is a unique learning experience where you will experience the combination of the life of an auditor and face new exciting technical analytical challenges. Click here to apply.

If you have further questions about our work life or Rotation Program, don’t hesitate to contact us!

With best regards,
Jonathan & Michel